Cards to Engage

Tagged image Postcards to engage & motivate your employees / approach New Business or simply say thank you to existing clients.

Engage with Your Team

A simple, cost effective action which helps to build loyalty and a happy working environment.

People want to feel they are making a difference. When workers are aware that their work makes a difference to others – even in small ways – their job satisfaction rises.

Acknowledging a team member to thank them for their effort also encourages repeat behaviour and engenders loyalty thus reducing costs of recruitment.


Approach New Business

A simple, affordable marketing tool to reach potential new business and to advertise your services.


‘ Thank You’

Gained a repeat order?

Secured your first sale from a new client?

Finished providing a service to your client?

Why not inform them that you appreciate their business?. Clients will remember that you were happy to work with them and are more likely to return when they next have similar need.